"World renowned power hitters and technical wizards Mike Austin and Mike Dunaway share their secrets in a new golf video...the most informative tape I have ever watched. Bar none. Filled with revolutionary golf tips."

John Andrisani
Former Senior
Instruction Editor
GOLF Magazine

Mike Austin is Golf's Longest Hitter.
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Mike Dunaway: 'The best swing in the world'.
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The Secret Position at Address.
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The Secret Compound Pivot.
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Gain 20-40 yards off the tee with increased accuracy. Guaranteed!

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Legendary Guinness Book World Record Holder For Longest Drive Finally Reveals Powerful Swing Secrets In The New Golf Video!


Who is the game's longest hitter?

John Daly? Tiger Woods? Jason Zuback? Surprisingly, it's none of the above. The longest of the long, in tournament play, is Michael Hoke Austin, who drove the ball an incredible 515 yards... the Guinness Book World Record for the longest drive in competition!

This monumental blast came in 1974, during the U.S. National Senior Open, the predecessor to the U.S. Senior Open. "It seemed to defy gravity", recalled the long-drive legend Austin.

Twenty-nine years later people are still talking and writing about the amazing Mike Austin, and now about his new golf video, Mike Austin: Secrets From The Game’s Longest Hitter with long drive legend Mike Dunaway.

Over the years, Mike Austin gave golf lessons to the rich and famous, from singer Bing Crosby to Spanish golf pro Seve Ballesteros to billionaire industrialist Howard Hughes. Fitness guru Jack La Lanne, now 89, took up golf at age 50 and, with Austin's help, became a four handicapper.

Would You Like Mike Austin’s Secrets For Hitting It Longer And Straighter? For the price of a new box of golf balls? Read on!

Secrets Revealed!

Each year at the Long Drive Championships, Jason Zuback contends (and often wins) with a drive of approximately 355-375 yards. Long drivers like Zuback use tricked-up titanium drivers with extra long, super hi-tech shafts and hard-cover 'distance' golf balls.

We don't want to take anything away from Jason, but for Mike Austin, 365 was a stroll in the park. He launched his 515 yard rocket with a persimmon wood driver and a soft balata ball. And he did it at the age of 64!

How did he do it? Mike’s golf instruction video and DVD will reveal amazing yet easy to use swing secrets that will turn you into a monster off the tee. Almost overnight! Guaranteed.

Mike Austin was born on the isle of Guernsey. From a local pro he learned at an early age an invaluable lesson -- how to swing simply, powerfully, and to fully release the head of the club. "That's the object of the game," says Austin. You bought an instrument to hit it with. If you're not, you're not learning how to make a golf swing."

Mike later lived in golf's homeland, Scotland, and then moved to America. Before his 515 yard record-setter, Mike won numerous long driving championships with awesome strikes in the 400-plus yard range. But he wasn't just long -- his consistency helped him win over 100 tournaments.

Over the years, Mike has shared his secrets with a select few...sometimes at a cost of over $10,000 for his private weekend seminars!

Now You Can Learn Mike's Secrets at a fraction of the cost! If you've seen a lot of golf videos and have been disappointed, read on. Average players and golf critics alike have made Mike Austin: Secrets From the Game's Longest Hitter, with long drive legend Mike Dunaway, one of the most acclaimed golf videos ever!

Ready To Take Your Game To The Next Level?

Here's what golfer's are saying about Mike's Secrets:


"I felt compelled to write and say thank you. Recently, I purchased Mike Austin's golf video and put his principles and golf tips into practice. Many of his theories are drastically different than the conventional golf instruction I'd received, but they WORK.

My good results were immediate. The day after watching the video, I was striking the ball much, much better. In the 3 weeks since purchasing the golf video, I have picked up 5 strokes a side. Easy. I've gone from being a long but erratic mid-90's hacker to a mid to low 80's golfer. I am not exaggerating nor am I joking.

Please give Mike Austin and Mike Dunaway many, many, many thanks for me."

Steve B.
San Pedro, California


"I have had chance to only hit a couple of hundred balls at the range but have noticed instant improvement. For the first time in years my drives are setting off in the right direction, easily averaging as long or longer than my previous best.

I can't stop watching the video -- definitely the two nicest and most powerfully awesome swings I have ever seen -- especially Mike Dunaway. I could watch him all day."

Best regards, Colin Andrews

Our revolutionary video and new DVD with Bonus Material blends rare and recently discovered footage of Austin and new demonstrations by long driving authority Mike Dunaway, founder of the 350 CLUB. Dunaway has performed clinics with Byron Nelson, Ken Venturi, Greg Norman and Sam Snead, among others.

Dunaway tested the prototype Big Bertha Drivers for Callaway. In 10 months, he hit over 22,000 drives with various Big Berthas for Callaway club designer Richard Helmstetter, caving in faces, it is said, faster than the foundry could cast them.


"I've been waiting all my life for this instruction video. I've seen them all, and this is the best."

James Achenbach

Together, Mike Austin and Mike Dunaway share power secrets never revealed until now. Thousands of golfers have already benefited from the SECRETS contained in this golf video. See for yourself on our TESTIMONIALS page.


"In my quest to achieve the best swing and golf game possible for someone my age (57), I have accumulated about three dozen golf videos. The recent golf video by Mike Austin and Mike Dunaway is by far the best. The material breaks new ground in golf theory. Material never shown before on the pivot and hand action.

In the short time I have watched this tape I can say I gained 20 yards in distance on my drives. I hit straighter with surprisingly effortless ease. I heartily recommend this golf video to anyone who plays the game."

James Przewoznik
Chicago, Illinois

Through his knowledge of kinesiology, the analysis of muscular motion, Mike Austin's SECRETS will enable you to use less effort and hit long, straight drives, and laser-like iron shots.

For the Price of a Box of Golf Balls, or Less Than an Average Round, Your Golf Buddies Will Be Scratching Their Heads in Disbelief After Your Awesome Tee shots! Center Cut!



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The Secret Two Arm Measurement To The Ball

How Important the Hands and Secret Pivot are. Without it, You'd Never Swing Faster Than Your Body Could Turn

The Secret Z Position and How it Makes for Tremendous Impact

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Get the golf game you've always wanted. Order NOW and Learn the Secrets From the Game's Longest Hitter, Mike Austin, with breakthrough golf tips from colleague Mike Dunaway.

You CAN hit LONGER and STRAIGHTER. Get ready for the best golf of your life! We guarantee it!

Kevin Mitchell
(Former 19 handicapper, now a 10 after using Mike Austin’s Secrets!)

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