Video testimonials Phil Reed calls Mike Austin The Man Who Cracked the Code.
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Video testimonials - Dan Shauger on the 515 yard drive.
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Video testimonials - Mike Dunaway on Iron Mike Austin.
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Video testimonials Jaacob Bowden went from 14 handicap to scratch golfer.
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Video testimonials James Achenbach is one of the top golf writers in the world.
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Video testimonials Coach Frank Broyles on distance and accuracy.
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Gain 20-40 yards off the tee with increased accuracy. Guaranteed!

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Mike Austin is golf's longest hitter. His secrets will change your game. Find out how.

"Revolutionary" "The Best" "Awesome"

Here's what players of all levels have to say about Mike Austin: Secrets From the Game's Longest Hitter with Mike Dunaway:

My average has climbed to 275+ yards

"The results were immediate and amazing. My average has climbed to 275+ yards and, more importantly, my accuracy has improved to the point that I now aim for certain sections of the fairway in order to set up my approach shots.

Reality has far exceeded my fantasy. Thanks a million!!"

Scott Bucher


I am 67 years old and an ex PGA club professional.  All my golfing life I have been a left sided golfer.  I have always played and taught that the left side was the master side in the golf swing.  In the past 2 years I have been losing distance and accuracy in my golf. All the standard methods associated with the pulling left side swing have not provided any relief from my poor play and was considering giving golf up.  I bought Mike Austin's video and on reading the EBook and applying the principles of weight shift and swing in the book in the den and back yard my next round of golf was astounding. 

I played the back side first and shot 6  over and on playing the front side I shot even par.  I have never had a more comfortable and easy swinging round.  My distance and accuracy are back.  I've been struggling to break 90. The more I played the easier the swing became.  The weight shift pivot is remarkable. I can release the right side without having to guard against a hook or slice.  What freedom.

Wade Johnson
Corpus Christi, Texas


"I've taken a golf lesson from practically every teacher in the world, and this is the easiest and simplest instruction I've ever seen. What a teacher this man is. If you get videos of Mike Austin and (home run king) Mark McGwire, you will see that right at impact they are identical. It is a very powerful position, whether it is baseball or golf. I am absolutely longer because of Mike Austin."

Coach Frank Broyles
Athletic Director
University of Arkansas

"Most powerfully awesome swings I have ever seen"

"I have had chance to only hit a couple of hundred balls at the range but have noticed instant improvement. For the first time in years my drives are setting off in the right direction, easily averaging as long or longer than my previous best.

I can't stop watching the video -- definitely the two nicest and most powerfully awesome swings I have ever seen -- especially Mike Dunaway. I could watch him all day."

Best regards, Colin Andrews

"I drove the ball past the 325 yard marker on my first drive".

"I never could hit a ball off the tee more than 230-250 yards. I watched the video and then went to the driving range to check out the big stick. I drove the ball past the 325 yard marker on my first drive. It felt really good. It works equally well with my irons. It is so radically different from what I was doing before.

Thanks a lot."

Mike Krailo
Virginia Beach, Virginia.


"I've been waiting all my life for this instruction video. I've seen them all, and this is the best!"

Jim Achenbach
Senior Writer, GolfWeek


"World renowned power hitters and technical wizards Mike Austin and Mike Dunaway share their secrets in a new video...the most informative tape I have ever watched. Bar none. Filled with revolutionary golf tips."

John Andrisani, Former Senior Instruction Editor at GOLF Magazine


The material breaks new ground in golf theory. Material never shown before on the pivot and hand action.

I can say I gained 20 yards in distance on my drives. I hit straighter with surprisingly effortless ease. I heartily recommend this to anyone who plays the game."

James Przewoznik
Chicago, Illinois


"I felt compelled to write and say thank you. Many of his theories are drastically different than the conventional golf instruction I'd received, but they WORK. My good results were immediate. I was striking the ball much, much better. I have picked up 5 strokes a side. Easy. I've gone from being a long but erratic mid-90's hacker to a mid to low 80's golfer. I am not exaggerating nor am I joking. Please give Mike Austin and Mike Dunaway many, many, many thanks for me."

Steve B.
San Pedro, California


"Strike a few balls as Austin suggests, then ask yourself, is it possible?! Have we overlooked a golf swing fundamental?! The old Scottish 'Flam,' lost in a sea of teaching perceptions. A shift and throw from the top!!? A compound pivot!? You pick the superlative."

Larry Koerner
Teaching Professional
Ft. Myers, Florida


"It has all the elements of a mechanically sound golf swing. If distance and accuracy are your goals, this is for you!"

Lynn Warren
LPGA Teaching Professional
Studio City Golf
Los Angeles, California


I have been trying to develop a repeatable swing for over 15 years. I have many swing aids and tapes with the goal of accomplishing the swing. All of the mystery of a good swing has been eliminated and the basic information is provided.

I have only had a chance to go to the practiced range a few times, but I believe I am on my way to developing the swing I have been looking for. Thank you for a great product.

George E. Lovelace
President & CEO
Lovelace & Associates

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